Ambitious plans for medical centre

A design of how the Princes Highway facility will look. 183929_01

By Rowan Forster

The Pakenham Care Precinct – earmarked for the iconic hilltop Princes Highway land, sold by the Visser family – has boasted an array of proposed stores and facilities.

Investment firm C2 Capital has unveiled plans for the site, ahead of its construction, which will include a GP clinic, café, gym, spa, food outlet, radiology and a childcare centre.

Featuring state-of-the-art architecture, three double-storey buildings will be developed with a provision of 172 car spaces on half a hectare of land.

The property was purchased for $3.5 million last week, with Top Choice Real Estate now on the hunt for potential vendors.

C2 Capital has described the development as innovative and in demand.

“The Pakenham Care Precinct will set new benchmarks as to what is possible in the healthcare and childcare sector through exceptional design that is fully integrated with best operational practices,” a description of the development read.

“Situated on a prominent gateway site we have the opportunity to create a landmark development within the region.

“There are three main buildings to the Pakenham development being Medical Care Plus retail, Allied Health and Childcare which have been designed to be in synergy with each other from both a design and functionality basis.”

The childcare facility is designed to cater for 164 kids.

Residents have expressed support for the facility with hopes it will alleviate doctor waiting times and increase competition in the burgeoning childcare market.

“It’s in a perfect spot as to not disturb any neighbourhoods or residents, so it’s hard to pick fault with it,” Nicholas Muir said.

“The only worry I’d have is with the parking and the size of the gym.

“If it’s a Goodlife or a Genesis or another big chain – I’ve seen them fill a good 150 parking spots alone.”

Early rumours suggest the GP clinic and the gymnasium will operate 24 hours per day.

If the clinic operates all hours, it would be the first in Pakenham and just the second between Gippsland and Casey Hospital.

Ann Miller welcomed the news, saying she had to wait more than an hour at a Pakenham GP because the waiting room was packed to capacity.

Peter and Kim Visser – of P&K Visser Fencing – sold the block for a whopping $3.5 million.

The business will relocate to Brown Road, headed by Flynn and Raff Visser.

The Gazette has contacted C2 Capital for comment.

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