Why sport is more than a pasttime


Last week the St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar Senior Boys Soccer Team won their first match of the season, defeating Woodleigh School 3 – 2. Great commitment was seen from all players including Jerry, a Year 12 international student playing for St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

The match was played as part of the regular diverse range of sporting fixtures that the school offers through its association with the prestigious Southern Independent Schools.

While the opportunity to compete and participate in sport is offered at most schools, it is particularly important at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar as sport or ‘Athleticism’ makes up one of the four pillars of their renaissance, character-based education model, that helps provide a holistic education to its students.

“Athleticism is one of our 4 As, which also includes Academics, Artistry and Adventure,” said Dr Steven Middleton, associate principal of St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar.

“We expect students strive to achieve their best academically, but we also believe that an education of the mind, without providing an education for the heart or body, is no education at all. This is why we have a strong focus on sports at our school.

“We also see that participation in sport fosters, whether at an elite-level sporting competition, participation in House sporting events or recreation for enjoyment, the development of many vital personal skills that help build a student’s character including teamwork, strategy, leadership and selflessness.”

As you watch a game or match being played at St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar you can see and feel the teamwork and mateships that have been and are being formed between these young men, through these sporting endeavours.