Playing to learn at Chairo

Chairo Kinder at Drouin East has excellent facilities inside and outside for children to enjoy. 279802_01

The kindergarten program at Chairo Christian School’s Drouin East campus is play-based and presents children with exciting opportunities to experience the world around them through exploration, inquiry and discovery within a Christian framework.

An integrated teaching and learning approach, characterised by collaborative, effective and reflective practice, is designed to help each child reach their full potential.

There are times for guided play and learning, adult-led learning and child-directed play and learning.

Head of Kindergartens, Wendy Lowe, said: ‘Children learn best when their social and emotional wellbeing needs are being met. Therefore, we acknowledge and recognise that each child will learn at different rates, in different ways and at different times, and as such our early learning programs reflect the varied learning styles of individual children’.

Teaching is intentionally based on the interests of the children, ensuring a strong foundation is laid for numeracy, literacy and the arts, and for their social, emotional and physical development.

The campus caters for students from three-year-old kindergarten through to Year 4, with the nearby Drouin campus catering for Years 5 to 12. During their time in kindergarten, the children become familiar with the school playground and are able to use some of the ‘big kid’ facilities, including library, gymnasium and music room.

To find out more about Chairo Kinder, interested families are invited to book a tour on the next Discover Chairo Day (see website for details) on Saturday, 4 June, or make contact to book a personal tour at another time.