Suspected firebomb in Lakeside

CFA battle the Lakeside Park fire. Photo: ANDREW GRAY

By Rowan Forster

Arsonists are believed to have caused a bushfire in Lakeside Park on Wednesday night.

Emergency services rushed to the corner of Juliet Gardens and Clearwater Drive to discover the blaze creeping towards properties.

Country Fire Authority volunteers were able to extinguish the inferno, which scorched some of the adjoining wetlands.

Witnesses have since claimed a “firebomb” was activated in the lead up to the incident.

“I actually heard a really loud bang from the other side of the lake, like someone set off a firecracker but louder,” a nearby resident said.

“The consensus generally is that someone had set off a firebomb of some kind.”

It comes in the lead up to Summer, which the CFA claims will pose severe risks of a catastrophic fire with Winter’s dry conditions.

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