No place to play

Nisarg Modi with his daughters Ananya and Mishka. 192311_03.

By Kyra Gillespie

A petition has been launched by Arden Estate residents, who, bereft of an adequate play space for its’ young people, are lobbying Cardinia Shire Council to get a new playground constructed.

Heading the petition is Arden Estate resident Nisarg Modi, who says there isn’t an adequate play space within a reasonable distance for residents.

“The estate has no park built by council or the developer at all; the nearest adequate facility is at least 2.5 km away,“ Mr Modi said.

“In advertising material by the developer there was a reserve land on 36-40 Gallery Way, but the later purpose of that land was changed to build 12 town houses – and council has happily approved it without considering the basic requirement of the community.

“There are hundreds of cars that pass on the streets everyday. I have seen many kids playing and running across the street and while driving I really feel sorry for those kids who does not have a facility to play in nearby.

“It’s really dangerous for them to play around the street and their safety is at risk. We can’t wait until a major incident happens.“

Mr Nisarg launched the petition in a bid to make residents’ “choice count“.

“I have suggested two locations to council. First is on the intersection of Honeyeater Way and Greendale Boulevard. And second is on Tomer Place, off Gallery Way.

Council however, claimed open space requirements have been met throughout the estate.

“A Planning Permit was issued in 2006 for the ‘Subdivision of land into 590 lots in stages’, which would later be Arden Estate,“ council’s general manager for planning and development, Andrew Paxton explained.

“Council assesses applications within the requirement of the planning scheme, in particular Clause 52.01, which requires eight per cent of the total subdivision towards public open space. This requirement has been met throughout the estate.

“Although advertising material form Arden Estate may have shown that 36-40 Gallery Way, Pakenham was to be set aside for a reserve, this was never identified on plan of subdivisions or approved as part of a planning permit. Council has no control over advertising material from developers.“

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