No closure for pothole problems

Potholes are proving a serious problem in Cardinia. 185372_01

By Mitchell Clarke

A fed-up man is threatening to fill potholes himself if Cardinia Shire Council doesn’t take action within a week.

Brian Bugeja says the pothole situation in Cockatoo, specifically on First Avenue has become a joke.

In an email sent to Cardinia Council, Mr Bugeja claims that for the past four years, the potholes are skim graded and filled, however all material is ejected after rain, essentially leaving the remaining pothole.

“These potholes are over 100 millimetres deep and have caused damage to my car bearings and ball joints,” he said.

“These potholes are permanent and will not be fixed until you grade under them to remove them completely.

“If nothing is done next week I will take it to myself to fill them for Council with anything available.”

Cardinia Shire Council’s Acting General Manager Infrastructure and Environment Andrew Barr said that unsealed roads can be adversely impacted by the challenging weather conditions.

“Council has been working extensively with local community groups and other levels of government to advocate and secure funding for the long-term development of infrastructure and the sealing of a number of roads through parts of the shire, including Cockatoo,” Mr Barr said.

“In addition to the long-term improvements being developed above, Council’s maintenance department has increased service levels on our unsealed roads to try to improve the experience of road users.”

Earlier this month, Jason Wood pledged $300 million to upgrade road infrastructure in Cardinia Shire.

In the meantime, anyone who notices defected potholes should report them to Cardinia Council online or by calling 1300 787 624.


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