Loose load on the road


By Mitchell Clarke

A Pakenham motorist has managed to avoid a potential disaster after a number of bricks hurtled from the truck she was travelling behind.

Ruth Grant was heading home from Fountain Gate on the Princes Freeway when the incident unfolded on Wednesday 14 August about 1.30pm between the BP service station and Cardinia Road.

“I noticed dust coming off the back of the truck,” she explained.

“Then I saw one brick come off and bounce on the road, then about four or five more came off.”

Despite travelling 100km/h, Ms Grant managed to swerve and miss the majority of the hazards, however one wayward brick hit her windscreen, thankfully only causing minor damage to her vehicle.

“I’m so surprised how small (the damage was) as the bang it made was huge.”

Most importantly, she wasn’t hurt and her six-month-old and two-year-old children in the back seat were also spared from injury.

“I just panicked and tried not to hit them,” she said.

“Straight after it happened, I was just worried about one actually going through someone’s windscreen and hurting them.”

She’s urging tradesmen and motorists in general to always double check their loads are secure before driving.

“Just double check everything, it only takes a few minutes and it’s not okay to put people’s lives at risk because of laziness.”

Cardinia Highway Patrol has been contacted for comment.

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