In fear of tree fall

Marion Limpus, who lives in Timbarra Estate, is concerned a 30-year-old oak tree will drop branches on her property. 196700_03.

By Jessica Anstice

An elderly resident is fearful over slipping on an acorn after Casey Council has let a large Oak Tree grow in front of her Berwick home.

The 87-year-old woman says she has “exhausted every avenue” in attempt to have the tree removed.

Marion Limpus, who lives in Timbarra Estate, is concerned the 30-year-old tree will drop branches on her property or in worst case, on her.

“Some concrete has risen above my driveway and I could easily trip over it,” she said.

“The tree has matured and it drops masses of acorns which I could quite easily slip on one.

“It’s a huge worry. I already have a really bad leg.”

Ms Limpus complained to Casey Council after an arborist recommended that the tree “should go”.

“Council are not doing anything about it,” she said.

“According to the arborist’s report some of the branches could easily come down in strong winds, especially with the recent weather we’ve had.”

Casey council recently inspected the nature strip tree following contact from Ms Limpus.

“Minor remedial pruning work, to remove a small branch, will be done before the end of August,” Casey Council’s city presentation manager David Richardson said.”This branch does not pose an elevated risk of falling before its pruning.”


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