Dazed driver destroys house

The p-plate driver careered into the Berwick property after falling asleep behind the wheel. Pictures: NARRE WARREN SES

By Mitchell Clarke

A driver asleep behind the wheel has woken up to a real life nightmare after crashing his car into a family home in Berwick.

A 22-year-old P-plater was on his way home from a night out in the city when it’s understood he “nodded off” to sleep.

It’s believed the driver from Clyde hit a roundabout on Soldiers Road which forced his car airborne, mowing through shrubs, destroying a fence and crashing into the home of Leon Li and Vivian Zhai.

Coming to rest through their front door, the occupants were fast asleep when they awoke to the almighty bang just after 7.45am Sunday morning.

Police cleared the apologetic driver of speeding, confirming he wasn’t affected by drugs or alcohol but was fatigued.

Sergeant Russell Bratton said: “You have to concentrate while driving at all times, even a split second can make a big difference.”

It’s expected the driver will be charged with careless driving. 

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