Song standing strong

Standing Strong is a tribute to the firies who responded to the Bunyip fires. 202236_02

By Mitchell Clarke

A “semi-professional” musician from Tynong has written and recorded a song dedicated to firefighters who responded to the Bunyip bushfires in March.

Full time excavator operator Jamie Virgona recorded ‘Standing Strong’ after witnessing the incredible efforts of the firefighters from his house across the highway.

“To see the CFA come out in numbers and to watch how hard they worked just inspired me to write the song,” Mr Virgona said.

“These firefighters truly are the heroes.”

The lyrics of the song detail the moment the blaze broke out but also highlights the personal impact of firefighting.

“He fights the fire with his brothers standing strong through the burning flames,” Mr Virgona sang.

“She waits at home with their children and he battles on through the burning flames.”

Jamie’s wife Leah Denton said CFA members appreciated the song and hoped it would go viral.

“They just love it, they play it at their meetings and they want it to go viral,” Ms Denton laughed.

Thankfully, the family weren’t affected by the fires but they admit it did get “pretty close”.

“It’s sort of our way to say thank you to them for everything they did for us,” she added.

“It’s just a little something for them to recognise their efforts.”

The song can be purchased from Mr Virgona’s website, with all proceeds going to the Tynong CFA. Visit:


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