A virtual door opens

A live Zoom session with BFirm.

By Tania Phillips

Bfirm Personal Training owners Jarrod Matthews and Michael Harold pride themselves in being agile and adapting quickly both in the studio and in business.

It has stood them in good stead since being forced to close their doors on March 23 due to the Federal and State Government orders. But they say when one door closes another one opens and, in this case, it was the door to the virtual world.

“With a client base of 300 plus members they needed more than ever to keep them accountable and maintain the relationships,” Jarrod said of the move on-line.

“The mental state of everyone from our members, trainers, local community and the entire population throughout this time, needed to be a major focus.

“The benefits of physical exercise on mental health is a huge focal point of Bfirm PT’s efforts over this period. With the colder winter months and shorter days approaching we need to enable people to be able to exercise from within their own homes in a safe manner.”

Established in 2007, Bfirm Personal Training met a need in the market for a personalised training regime that the mainstream gyms couldn’t offer. By providing a tailored training program to each client, Bfirm has continued to grow from strength to strength – starting in a backyard gym but moving to state of the art premises at 27 Enterprise Avenue, Berwick.

Jarrod said in keeping with the three Bs (B-motivated, B-inspired and B-dynamic) emblazoned on their building, they knew their online presence and programs needed to motivate and inspire their members with a dynamic approach.

They first listened to what their members wanted and needed from them at the time of shut down. From here they worked out it was vital they assigned a trainer to each client that signed up for their online service.

“It was paramount to keep clients accountable and keep the communication lines open, as we have all lost that direct face-to-face contact due to social distancing,” Jarrod said.

“We have implemented three different approaches to their online service to cater for everyone’s needs.

“First up, tailored home programs delivered each week to the individuals’ specific goals, injuries, restrictions and equipment available from their home location. These programs are explained each week through a FaceTime or Zoom meeting

“Secondly, a closed Facebook group was created where four prerecorded exercise programs from Bfirm Trainers are released every Sunday night for members to do at any suitable time. This group has created a small community that can interact with each other to motivate, inspire and check in with each other from a mental aspect also.

“Thirdly, live Zoom sessions three times a week with two of our Bfirm trainers, allowing them to see people in real time which is so important in these times.”

Bfirm has also helped many of their loyal members out, by renting out much of the studio’s equipment, to help allow them to maintain their fitness and add variety to their workouts.

“Helping keep people’s mental state “in check” is a major goal as a business for Bfirm PT at this difficult time,” Jarrod explained.

Jarrod can be contacted on 0408574082 or via Bfirm’s social media pages: Facebook at Bfirm Personal Training, and Instagram at bfirm.pt.


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