A special thanks from students

Frontline heroes with the handcrafted letters.

By Mitchell Clarke

Students at Bridgewood Primary School in Officer created a heartfelt video to thank doctors and nurses amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The feel good activity formed part of an education program in letter writing, which saw a number of grade 3 and 4 students participate.

“Do you know why I want to call you heroes? It’s because you have saved thousands of lives, risking your lives,” one student said.

“Thank you doctors and nurses for putting yourselves in danger by helping us,” another added.

Bridgewood Primary School and Integrated Child and Family Service principal Kerry Coffey said the children got behind the idea and loved writing to doctors and nurses.

“The students enjoyed passing on good will to members of our community,” Ms Coffey said.

“A couple of teachers have family members that are nurses and they were inspired by the clapping hours that are happening all over the world for the doctors and nurses.

“They wanted to do something as a learning community to thank the healthcare workers on the frontline.”

While the video provided some much needed positivity for our frontline heroes, the students also gained a valuable lesson from the experience.

“This was an integration of civic and citizenship with literacy links to real life current events,” Ms Coffey explained.

“This gave the students a purpose to the writing and the fact that they would get a reply and see a result from their letters made them excited about this task.”

A nurse from Eastern Health returned the favour by sending a video to the students thanking them for their “wonderful letters”.

“The nurses and doctors at Angliss Hospital have been working very hard to care for everyone and were very surprised to receive your letters,” a letter to the school read.

“They made our day! We love how colourful and well written they are. It is clear that you have been working really hard, both at home and at school, to improve your writing skills.”

To watch the video, visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZh3i3SHCMQ.

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