Speed demons stopped

Motorists must slow to 40 kilometres when passing stationary vehicles. 137393_10

By Mitchell Clarke

Cardinia Highway Patrol officers intercepting a driver in the emergency lane of the Princes Freeway were forced to “jump out of the way” of a driver who failed to slow to 40 kilometres.

Police were in the process of pulling over an allegedly speeding driver in a Holden Commodore – travelling at 140 kilometres in a 100 kilometre zone through Berwick – just after 1am on Sunday 7 July.

A 22-year-old Officer man was receiving the news he’d be losing his license, along with a $620 fine, when a Volkswagen Passat is alleged to have sped past the parked vehicles at about 100 kilometres per hour.

The driver of the Volkswagen – a 46-year-old Officer man – was later intercepted by officers along the Princes Freeway in Beaconsfield.

He claimed to be unaware of the widely recognised rule – which requires motorists to slow to 40 kilometres per hour when passing a stationary emergency service vehicle in an emergency lane.

The man was slapped with a $289 fine for unlawfully passing a stationary police vehicle which was displaying flashing blue and red lights.

In a Facebook post, Victoria Police reiterated the importance of all motorists slowing to 40 kilometres when passing parked emergency service vehicles.

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