Garage doors are Nathan’s business

Some of Naathan's garage door handiwork.

By Tania Phillips

Nathan Nish of JTN Garage Doors wants people to remember his name so that when their garage doors break late at night they know who he is and what he does.

To that end he has been embarking on campaign to get his business name out there during recent times letting people know about his 24/7 service – and it has being paying dividends.

“I’ve been operating since 2017 by myself,” Nathan explained.

“I previously was working for other employers and all that sort of stuff and circumstances changed. I got sick of being told what to do, so I ventured out on my own and haven’t stopped since.”

Nathan specializes in garage door installations, repairs, gate maintenance, gate motor replacements – pretty much anything to do with garage doors.

“I’m based in Pakenham and due to my current workload at the moment I try to stay this side of the city,” he explained.

“Pretty much servicing the South Eastern suburbs, Eastern suburbs – anywhere really.”

He said the Covid lockdown had not really affected his business, finding it “better than average”.

“The first lockdown – I couldn’t keep up,” Nathan explained.

“I think everybody was bored, the second one everyone was just over it and didn’t care anymore. The phone has gone a little bit quiet in the past couple of weeks. But I’ve still got doors that I need to get done.”

He said at the start of the second lockdown he had work to finish and then as it went along work just kept coming in thanks to his campaign on social media – Google reviews, a Facebook page and of course good old word of mouth fueling his busy schedule and keeping him working.

“You do one good job and you get a hundred good jobs,” he said.

“I love what I do.

“Every garage I do, I treat it like it’s on my own house – I’ve been classed as anal retentive,” he laughed.

“I’m very meticulous, everything I do has to be perfect – if it’s not done perfectly I’ll never touch it.”

He said right now and for the foreseeable future, his priorities were the health and wellbeing of his customers.

“I am still operating as normal and would like to encourage new or existing customers to call and book their garage door repair or take advantage of our emergency call out – I am available 24/7,” Nathan said.

“I understand these are tough times and am willing to adapt to every client’s needs to get their garage door fixed or replaced during these difficult times.”

Call on 0404 479 240 or head to the JTN garage doors website and Facebook for more information.

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