Residents on notice

MCADPG secretary David Bywater and Bill Pearson. Picture taken before Covid restrictions. 168672_30

By Mitchell Clarke

Residents neighbouring the proposed Bunyip North Quarry are being urged to remain alert throughout upcoming drilling works at the site.

The Mount Cannibal and District Preservation Group (MCADPG) secretary David Bywater said the recent development was a “harsh reminder” that there was “still a fight to be fought”.

“The fight to stop this mega quarry from proceeding in this entirely inappropriate location is well and truly still alive, and we would like to thank our community for their incredible efforts over the last 14 years,” he said.

“If it weren’t for their support and unanimous opposition to this proposal, I shudder to think what Hanson would have already done to our irreplaceable and invaluable area.”

In their October project update, Hanson Construction Materials announced they would be undertaking drilling works for up to 12 days from Monday 19 October.

“The drilling works will comprise the drilling of four holes, two in the proposed location of the southern and south-eastern pit wall, and two in the proposed location of the north-western pit wall,” the project update read.

“The holes will be drilled using a track or truck mounted drilling rig, and in situ tests and material sampling for laboratory testing will be also be conducted.”

Despite the developments, Mr Bywater said it wasn’t a sign that the proposal had progressed or the project had been approved.

He wants residents living in the vicinity of the quarry site to be note movements between 19 October and 2 November.

“The reason we’re asking this of our residents and community members is to highlight the fact that anything that is witnessed during this time will be exceptionally minor compared to what Hanson is proposing,” he said.

“Hanson’s proposal is a very real threat to our way of life and this will be a brief and small insight into the 100 years of destruction that they are proposing.”

The multinational company propose to extract an estimated 130 million tonnes of granite from the site over a period of about 70 to 100 years.

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