Ten for firm favourite

Trent Cody was among the votes again on the weekend, he is right on the heels of Nick Battle.. Picture: ROB CAREW

Round 5 is done and dusted.

The early favourite continued his surge, polling the perfect ten.

While the other two favourites are hot on his heels, perhaps their aggression in the contest isn’t holding up for opposition coaches.

Here is what the coaches voted for in Saturday’s matches…

Beaconsfield (Mick Fogarty) v Olinda Ferny Creek (Brendan Donovan)

10 Nick Battle (Beaconsfield)

7 Jake Bowd (Beaconsfield)

4 Jafar Occa (Beaconsfield)

4 Jamie Plumridge (Beaconsfield)

3 Matt Scharenberg (Olinda)

2 Corey Walker (Beaconsfield)


Cranbourne (Steve O’Brien) v Wandin (Nick Adam)

9 Jarryd Barker (Cranbourne)

8 Dillan Bass (Cranbourne)

5 Connor Smith (Wandin)

4 Marc Holt (Cranbourne)

2 Glenn Osborne (Cranbourne)

1 Ryan Jones (Cranbourne)

1 Par Bruzzese (Wandin)


Doveton (Daniel Charles) v Pakenham (Ash Green)

9 Daniel Zajac (Doveton)

9 Josh Tynan (Pakenham)

5 Jake Basa (Doveton)

3 Jordan Stewart (Pakenham)

2 Dermott Yawney (Pakenham)

1 Luke Daidone (Doveton)

1 Jake Mullen (Doveton)


Narre Warren (Shane Dwyer) v Woori Yallock (Jack Cole)

9 Nathan Foote (Narre Warren)

7 Trent Cody (Narre Warren)

5 Jake Richardson (Narre Warren)

3 Jesse Davies (Narre Warren)

3 Tom Miller (Narre Warren)

2 Joel Zietsman (Narre Warren)

1 Ben Monkhorst (Woori Yallock)




1. Nick Battle (Beaconsfield): 31

2. Trent Cody (Narre Warren): 27

3. Marc Holt (Cranbourne): 20

4. Jake Bowd (Beaconsfield): 17

5. Tom Miller (Narre Warren): 17

6. Jarryd Barker (Cranbourne): 15

7. Jafar Occa (Beaconsfield): 13

8. Dermott Yawney (Pakenham): 13

9. Brandon White (Beaconsfield): 12

10. Pat Bruzzese (Wandin): 12