Windy week keeps SES busy

The windy weather saw a few large trampolines go for a spin, with one landing on the train tracks. Pics: SUPPLIED, SES

By Gabriella Payne

Melbourne’s windy, wintery weather has kept the Pakenham SES crew on their toes recently, as many locals found themselves in a spot of trouble and in need of assistance over the past week.

The storm that swept through the suburbs on Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 July saw our SES volunteers attend 33 separate cries for help in the Cardinia Shire region, and another wild weather event kept them busy over the weekend as well.

Pakenham SES spokesperson, Shayne Honey, said that it had been a gusty week to say the least, with many trees and branches coming down.

“A week of high winds has kept our volunteers busy this week,” Mr Honey said.

“We’ve spent many hours securing loose objects and making temporary repairs from trampolines and sheds blown onto and over fences and houses.”

Mr Honey said that crews had been called “to a handful of building damage jobs” after the first storm passed through, where house tiles had come off in the high winds.

Not one, but two large, lightweight trampolines were also caught up in the windy weather, with Mr Honey confirming that one had been blown onto the train tracks – but by the time SES crews arrived, it had blown off again.

The other trampoline had blown over a fence, striking a neighbour’s roof in the process.

Mr Honey said that while the SES volunteers had done a great job in helping locals and clearing up after the storms, the strong winds had been a timely reminder for everyone to ensure all items on properties remained securely fastened down.

“This is a reminder to make sure when wind warnings are issued in our district, that residents secure all loose items on their properties,” he said.

“Though we can make temporary repairs, there is a cost to homeowners and the public.”

“Well done to our crews! Great work.”