Then and now: 140 years and still standing proud

Robyn Browne stands proudly in front of the very same home, which is still standing 130 years later. Pic: STEWART CHAMBERS 251090_10

By Gabriella Payne

There’s often more to a building than meets the eye, and that’s certainly the case for this humble home in Narre Warren North.

In this week’s What’s In A Name, Gazette columnist Neil Lucas takes a closer look at Ken Browne Reserve and the legacy this former councillor left behind in the local area – and in the process, he discovered a historical gem that’s been passed down through generations.

Believe it or not, this quaint brick home nestled in the streets of Narre Warren North is now almost 140 years old (having been built over a century ago, back in 1881 by the Moysey family) and was once home to Ken Browne and his family.

Remarkably, Mr Browne’s descendant, Robyn Browne, still lives in the very same house, which continues to stand proudly in its spot all these years later.

This old photograph, taken in 1891, provides a snapshot to the past and goes to show that historical treasures can be found where we least expect them.

Gazette photographer Stewart Chambers stopped by this week to visit Ms Browne, and snap a photo of the house for the next generation to discover in a hundred years time.