Cyclists urged to stay safe

During lockdown, more people have taken to cycling in the local area and as a result, there has been an increase in fatal and serious injuries involving cyclists. 245545_01

The local government areas of Casey, Cardinia and Greater Dandenong have all seen a huge increase in fatal and serious injury collisions involving cyclists recently, as compared to the same time last year and police are urging all road users to stay safe while travelling.

According to local police, there has been an increase of cyclists on our roads due to Covid-19, with many now using bicycles as their preferred form of exercise.

This increased use of bicycles doesn’t always mean safe riding behaviours and both riders and drivers of motor vehicles need to be more conscious of sharing the roads together.

The main cause of fatalities and serious injuries to cyclists include:

• Failing to wear securely fitted and approved bike helmets

• Cyclist distraction

• Non-compliance with road rules and legislation

• Impaired riding

• Low visibility of cyclists (not wearing high visibility riding attire/lights)

• Inexperience riding on roads

• Bicycles with engines being ridden unsafely and illegally

Highway Patrol members across Melbourne’s South East are currently performing Operation Pedal, targeting cyclist offences and cyclist road safety.

In the first two days of the operation police identified 35 cyclists undertaking unsafe riding behaviours.

Cyclists risk a fine of $227 for not wearing a bicycle helmet or not having lights in operation after sunset, $454 for failing to obey traffic lights and $545 for using a mobile phone while riding.

Cyclists and motorists are asked to please take more care on the roads, look out for each other and remember safety is the number one priority.