Paper chains promote thankfulness

The chains ran across the double basketball court at the school.

By Shelby Brooks

10,000 links of paper, each with a reason to be thankful, spread across the basketball court at Chairo Christian School’s Pakenham campus last week.

Junior school students had spent the week working on reasons why they were thankful which culminated in the massive paper chain project.

The week prior, a challenge had been issued to each class from Prep to Year 4 to see how long they could make a paper chain from A4 strips.

Each link was to represent something or someone that a student was thankful for.

On the day of the assembly, students carefully delivered their paper chains to the gym and laid them out on the basketball courts.

After the assembly, the paper chains were broken up and used to decorate classrooms.

Head of the junior school Lydia Tweedie said the hundreds of metres of chain was an amazing experience for students and staff members to see, in a very real and memorable way, what thankfulness can look like.

“The school has a character training program, called Clay, in which each month we focus on a different characteristic,“ she said.

“This month we looked at thankfulness and how to learn to be thankful.“

Things to be thankful for included parents, school, Australia, food, God and relationships.