LETTER TO THE EDITOR Community action sparks joy


It’s such a joy to see kids who are inspired to do something to make their local patch a better place for everyone, like 9 and 7 year old Reuben and Eli, in your story Caring Kids Clean Up (Gazette, 12 January).

Thank you Reuben and Eli for not just noticing the dumped rubbish and walking past, but believing you can be part of the solution, picking it up and disposing of it thoughtfully.

It makes me believe the world is in good hands with young people like you and your 10 year old sister Matilda who has suggested organising a Clean Up Australia Day community event in March.

It’s an important message that these children so beautifully illustrate, we can all make our patch a little bit better for people and the planet by just making a start and doing it.

As the children’s mum Jackie says, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

It put a smile on my face.

Thank you!

Sue Tardif.