Art speaks to Guy

Glyphik artist Guy Price showcasing one of his most recent works. 274053_03. Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS.

By Jamie Salter

A life changing experience is pushing Garfield resident Guy Price – otherwise known as Glyphik – to follow his passion for art.

Guy has been a fan of creating for as long as he can remember.

His Nan had a fondness for painting and his mum enjoyed cross stitch, the creative gene now flowing on to Guy’s two children Peyton, 7 and Ethan, 10.

Guy’s speciality is illustrations inspired by pop culture, using copic markers and brush pens on paper.

“I’m a bit of a geek and I like comic books and Star Wars, so if I’m drawing for myself that’s what I’ll do with my own spin on it,“ he said.

His work has proved popular in America as well as Europe.

“Surprisingly, most of the stuff I sell goes to international buyers, with a few local sales.“

Guy has been inspired by English Gorillaz artist Jamie Hewlett and American comic book artist Alex Ross.

In 2020, Guy stepped out of his comfort zone and held his first solo show at Red Tree Gallery in Jindivick.

“It’s something I was working towards for a while and it ended up having really good response,“ he said.

It was a challenge for Guy to put his work out into the world but a dark period in his life gave him all the encouragement he needed to follow his artistic goals after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015.

“I got peripheral neuropathy in my hands and I couldn’t feel what I was holding and that was hard because drawing was my outlet and I didn’t have that, but then the feeling came back and that’s what pushed me to get the solo show going,“ he said.

“My wife Elise pushes me to get out there more which has helped a lot.“

Guy also realised he was unhappy at his former workplace and now works full time at Pheonix Screen Printing in Warragul.

“I came from a job that wasn’t very enjoyable and was draining, so I really enjoy it where I am now because it’s sort of a creative outlet as well,“ he said.

He said he uses every spare moment to create his pieces which usually takes about a day to complete.

“It is tough to find time, I’d normally have to draw late at night but you just have to make it work,“ he said.

As a fan of mural art, Guy painted his children’s walls when he moved into his Garfield home and has also taken on a few commissions.

Guy will work on illustrations for a young adult book written by local author Karen Casey over the next few months and hopes to one day hold a art show in collaboration with his daughter Peyton back at

Red Tree Gallery.

To view Guy’s works, follow @heyitsglyphiks on Instagram or visit the Artworks By Glyphik Facebook page.