Climate change protest in Pakenham

Pakenham locals put their hands up for fast and fair climate action at Eastone Reserve in Cardinia Lakes. Photo: SUPPLIED

Pakenham residents concerned about the environment have gathered to call for urgent climate action as part of Environment Victoria’s ‘Week of Action’.

On Sunday 1 May, protesters met at Eastone Reserve at Cardinia Lakes to call upon leaders at all levels of government to take fast and fair action on climate change.

’Week of Action’ has followed on from the promotion of Environment Victoria’s open letter for climate action, of which over 200 individuals and 20 local organisations have signed.

The open letter calls for a legislated and evidence-based plan to slash climate pollution this decade, addressing pollution from fossil fuels whilst supporting communities to adapt through climate impacts and economic transition.

The letter highlights that communities in the South East and surrounds will thrive if decision makers champion building community renewable energy projects – allowing communities to produce, use and retain profits from their own clean energy, programs to fit or retrofit homes with healthy and efficient all-electric appliances, as well as to boost access to electric vehicle infrastructure and purchase incentives and protecting and regenerating our remaining natural places against exploitation and the impacts of climate change, particularly by taking leadership from First Nations peoples in land management and regeneration.

The open letter can be viewed at