Officer’s new recruits

Officer CFA Fourth Lieutenant Rebecca Gray with new recruit Adam Edgecombe. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS 291858_01

By Jamie Salter

Officer Fire Brigade has welcomed eight new recruits to its station and is searching for six more local heroes to join the team.

The latest members have just finished the general firefighter course and are now on their way to getting on the trucks and serving their community.

Officer CFA Fourth Lieutenant Rebecca Gray said the recruitment drive was about succession planning.

“Our new recruits are phenomenal,” she said.

“Because we’re a volunteer organisation, we’re making sure we’ve got the members and the numbers to serve the community.

“It’s all about succession planning and looking to the future so we still have members progressing through with those skills and we don’t get to a point where the older members are saying they’re done and we’re left with not enough people.”

She said the brigade was now on the hunt for about six more firefighters to respond to fire, road accidents and other incidents where risks are posed to life and property.

“We bring them in to meet the brigade and make sure they’re doing it for the right reasons because we are all volunteers and we can see some really traumatic things like car accidents,” Rebecca said.

“We train weekly and have a meeting every month and then the general firefighter training process takes about six months, then they start turning out with us.

“Everyone does it for their own reason – whether its something they’re passionate about, wanting to learn new skills and get more involved – I encourage everyone to apply because coming down here is like coming into a family and you develop life long friendships.”

Operational roles may also involve the management of vegetation, fire equipment or assisting other emergency agencies.

Applicants must live within close distance to the fire station and complete minimum requirements including attending regular training sessions, brigade meetings and other brigade events.

To apply, please visit