Ross ‘100 percent’ for fifth election

Cr Collin Ross. Picture: ON FILE 379010_01

By Corey Everitt

Cr Collin Ross is ‘100 percent’ in for this year’s election saying he is as passionate as ever to make a run for his fifth term in office.

Cr Ross has been on Cardinia Shire Council since 2008, one of the longest serving members only beaten by Cr Brett Owen who has been there since 2006.

Always having represented the Pakenham and Officer area, he announced to the Gazette his intention to nominate again for his seat in Central Ward.

“I love Pakenham, I love the shire and I love representing the community,” Cr Ross said.

“I’ve got a real passion for being a councillor and when you have a real passion, you can make sure the residents get what they want.”

He said he has the experience and principals needed to continue on representing.

“I will only vote for the rate cap, the cost of living doesn’t need to go up any more,” Cr Ross said.

“I think in single member wards you need somebody that is really going to fight for your share of the resources in Cardinia Shire whether it’s service or infrastructure, you need someone to fight really hard, because you don’t have 3 people fighting for you, you only have one.”

“The council focuses on so many individual projects and in the meantime certain wards can miss out and I never want our community to.”

This will be his fifth election, in the 2012 and 2016 election he has been elected with a third of the vote. In the switch to the single-member wards in 2020 he won with an absolute majority of just over 50 percent.

In his time he says his favourite moments have come from the 16,000 new Australians he has met from presiding over citizenship ceremonies.

“I have seen five to six families coming into the shire the whole time,” Cr Ross said.

“We have a lot of different cultures, we’re so much more interesting than we used to be.

“We have so many more cultures and faiths that prioritise the community.

“Our shire is holding up really well because of this volunteerism.”

Seeing the change over time, he thinks the shire should always be keeping up with the times.

“We need to evolve with the community, make sure we are meeting their needs,” Cr Ross said.

“Council has done a lot of work for young families, now we have more people moving in from the 60 plus bracket, we need services for not just young people but for people who are retiring as well.

“We need to work on community safety, as a council we need to be working with all the agencies to make sure the shire is safe.”

Council elections are set for October this year.