The heart and soul of Lang Lang

Author Bob Utber with his latest book ‘Heart and Soul’ - A History of the Lang Lang Football Club. 233316

By David Nagel

The long and proud history of the Lang Lang Football Club is now proudly on display after the Good Friday launch of a new book titled ‘Heart and Soul’.

Author Bob Utber and his assistant Lachie Barwick take readers on the long journey back to the late 1800’s when a meeting was held to form a football club.

From there, many great players have passed through the change rooms at the Lang Lang Showgrounds – a place the club has called home since its inception in 1900.

“Any organisation that has a history as long as the Lang Lang Football Club deserves to have it on display,” Utber says in his introduction.

“I am a great believer in the history of all organisations. Far too often we have neglected our past when it comes to history.

“Today’s participants just take it for granted that there has always been a club and are not inclined to delve in to the past but their enjoyment comes from many, many years of hard work and commitment by others.”

Utber acknowledged the wonderful contribution that Barwick had made to the publication.

“It was a real surprise when Lachie rang me a couple of years ago to discuss the history of the Lang Lang Football Club,” Utber said.

“His passion urged me on to write the book with wonderful statistical information from him. Many thanks Lachie, the club will be forever grateful.”

Copies of ‘Heart and Soul’ – A history of the Lang Lang Football Club can be purchased for $40 by contacting Bob Utber at or by purchasing direct from the Bendigo Community Bank in Lang Lang.