A perfect game separates 1-10

Josh Neal has found himself inside the Pakenham Gazette Coaches Award top ten. Picture: ROB CAREW

By Tyler Lewis

Round four of the Pakenham Gazette Coaches award saw just three games played over the weekend.

With Beaconsfield having a bye, the door opened up for other players to close in on the early leaders from the Eagles.

While Beaconsfield had the official bye, the unofficial bye was had for Olinda Ferny Creek and Narre Warren, as the two teams met in a stand-alone fixture before the commencement of the season for other sides.

It’s certainly getting tight at the top…

Olinda Ferny Creek (Brendan Donovan) v Narre Warren (Shane Dwyer)

9 Tom Toner (Narre Warren)

9 Tom Miller (Narre Warren)

3 Matt Scharenberg (Olinda)

3 Jake Richardson (Narre Warren)

2 Trent Cody (Narre Warren)

2 Brad Scalzo (Nare Warren)

1 Peter Gentile (Narre Warren)

1 Hayden Stagg (Narre Warren)

Tom Toner bagged out in the stand-alone, a performance rated by both coaches. Picture: TYLER LEWIS

Wandin (Nick Adam) v Pakenham (Ash Green)

7 Liam Tyrell (Pakenham)

5 Dermott Yawney (Pakenham)

5 Stephen Morey (Pakenham)

4 Jarrad Glenn (Wandin)

4 Pat Bruzzese (Wandin)

3 Tom Hinds (Wandin)

1 Connor Smith (Wandin)

1 Jordan Stewart (Pakenham)

Both Dermott Yawney (Pakenham) and Pat Hodgett (Wandin) haven’t been a stranger to the votes so far this year. Picture: ROB CAREW

Upwey Tecoma (Stuart Hill) v Cranbourne (Steve O’Brien)

8 Matt Alister (Cranbourne)

5 Jarryd Barker (Cranbourne)

4 Marc Holt (Cranbourne)

4 Mitch Tharle (Cranbourne)

3 Luke Bee-Hugo (Cranbourne)

2 Jake Stephens (Cranbourne)

2 Jake Carosella (Cranbourne)

1 Dillan Bass (Cranbourne)

1 Rhylan Smith (Cranbourne)

He kicked seven, but it was only worth four votes, is Holty stiff this week? Picture; ROB CAREW

Woori Yallock (Jack Cole) v Doveton (Daniel Charles)

9 Ben Monkhorst (Woori Yallock)

5 Joel Adams (Woori Yallock)

4 Zach Monkhorst (Woori Yallock)

3 Sam Muirhead (Doveton)

3 Michael Batten (Woori Yallock)

2 Josh Neal (Woori Yallock)

2 Jason Lindgren (Woori Yallock)

1 Jarrod Smith (Doveton)

1 Mark Seedsman (Doveton)

Tom Miller is so crucial each week for Narre Warren, with his almost perfect game against the Bloods in R1, he climbs into the top ten. Picture: TYLER LEWIS


  1. Nick Battle (BEAC):  21
  2. Trent Cody (NARRE):  20
  3. Marc Holt (CRAN):  16
  4. Tom Miller (NARRE):  14
  5. Ben Monkhorst (WOORI):  14
  6. Brandon White (BEAC):  12
  7. Zach Monkhorst (WOORI):  12
  8. Josh Neal (WOORI): 11
  9. Pat Bruzzese (WAN):  11
  10. Dermott Yawney (PAK):  11