Grandma’s bucket list moment

Corollie Scoble, with her grandson Beau to her right shoulder, ticks off a bucket list moment at the Pearcedale Football Netball Club. 239916 Pictures: SUPPLIED

By David Nagel

Whoever created the saying ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ totally underestimates the love, dedication and devotion that Corollie Scoble has for her grandson Beau.

The picture of Corollie, sitting alongside Beau and the Pearcedale senior football team – ahead of a recent game against Hastings – represents a bucket list moment for the 80-year-old who has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Far more than a thousand words can do, it embodies the relationship between grandma and grandson, and tells the story of Corollie’s unwavering dedication to his football journey.

As the photo shows – Corollie has been side by side with Beau all the way through his football career.

“Mum has been supporting and watching Beau since he was six years old and doing Auskick,” said Tracey Scoble, Beau’s mum and daughter of Corollie.

“He turned 22 yesterday (June 3), so she has been following him for 16 years and has only missed three times all the way through.

“She goes to every game, rain, hail or shine. She jumps in her car and away she goes.”

Corollie has been ticking off her bucket list items in recent times. She has knocked back a pot of beer and took a microlight ride from the Tooradin airport, and she wants to go for a ride on a motorbike.

The photo with the Panthers’ senior team may have been one of the less dangerous items on her bucket list, but meant the world to Corollie, Beau…and the team.

“Mum did shed a tear when she walked in the room, and some of the players got emotional which was very touching to see,” Tracey said.

“She walked in and said ‘have you all done this for me’ and told me later she felt very special.”

Corollie has had some interesting pre-game rituals that she has made Beau be a part of over the years.

She once had a Black Porcelain Panther that she would make Beau pat for good luck, and before every game she waits at the gate and gives Beau a kiss as he runs onto the field with his teammates.

“At first, a few of his teammates would ask Beau ‘who’s that weirdo’ but he told them ‘That’s my grandma, she’s my number-one fan,” Tracey said.

“She’s a little bit eccentric at times and likes to do things her own way.”

Tracey said Corollie, who has five children, six grand-children, and one great grand-child, and has lived in Langwarrin for 45 years and is as selfless as they come.

“Mum was involved in Parents Without Partners for nearly 25 years and has also been involved in Wildlife Rescuers and has nearly 350 birds at home,” Tracey said.

“She uses her pension to feed her birds, and puts them ahead of herself, and is always looking after everyone else with no fuss.

“She’s a happy old soul and that rubs off on the people around her.”

You get the feeling that the photo of Beau and Corollie Scoble, and the Pearcedale senior football team, is going to be the focus point of a lot more than a thousand words in the years to come.