Free golf at Deep Creek

Julie Cheng tees off on the first hole at Deep Creek Golf Club on Thursday.

By David Nagel

Deep Creek Golf Club is offering women around the region the opportunity to play free golf!

Deep Creek Golf Club, based at 62 Cameron Way in Pakenham, is keen to get women enjoying the great benefits of golf, including a healthy lifestyle and the building of strong social connections throughout the local community.

Deep Creek is offering free golf for women – seven days a week from 1pm onwards – to help remove the barriers that keep women away from the sport.

Deep Creek is already taking giant strides in getting young females involved in the game, with some terrific youth development programs being run by Head Teaching Professional Mark Shaw.

The club is hoping its latest initiative will continue to make the game more appealing, and most importantly more accessible, for women in the wider community.

CEO of Deep Creek, Haydn Thompson, said the club was keen to open doors that will attract women to the sport.

“One thing we have recognised is that women’s participation in golf has been stagnant for some time now, and we’re excited about leading the way in rectifying that trend,” Thompson said.

“What we would love to see is groups of two, three or four women coming along to try golf out with their friends and colleagues.

“Golf is a great fun way to spend time socialising. This free golf initiative gives women the chance to play anywhere from two to 18 holes depending on time constraints.

“If women are keen on playing, or simply learning more about the sport, just get in contact with the club and we will do our best to make the experience an enjoyable one.”

Those interested in the free offer can contact the Deep Creek Golf Club on 5941 2929, or contact via email at