Three is the magic number

Dave can't go beyond Beau Miller for his favourite number three. 275670

TYLER: Alright, we’re back! It’s another edition of Let’s Talk Sport and I want to rewind back to last week…

If this was a radio show, they would be doing the ‘swoosh’ noise for Jonty and I making massive calls last week, because it seems like we’ve stuck our foot in it… wouldn’t be like a couple of Gazette journos to stick their foot in it.


26 JULY – JONTY: “Cranbourne will not lose another game this season. I’m backing them to bounce back against Cheltenham this week and I’m just hoping we’re not sitting here next week with me having been proved wrong.”

26 JULY – TYLER: “On September 19 I’ll be asking you Dave for the front page of the Footy Liftout because Narre Warren will have just won all three grades of football and the top-three grades of netball…they are going to win all six flags!”


Jonty, what happened on the weekend with Cranbourne?


JONTY: Yeah I was there, it was a typically wind-swept Livingston Reserve and at three-quarter time Cheltenham were up by 40 points, probably should’ve been 80 and in the end they won by 70.

If it wasn’t for some inaccurate goal-kick, they could’ve won by more, but Cheltenham just dictated play and unfortunately I got that one wrong, so I text you and you got yours wrong too.

TYLER: Woah! I didn’t get it wrong… I said Narre Warren would win six flags, they will still win six, it’s not panic stations, but it is ironic that their first senior loss comes the week after that big call.

But Jonty… it means that Dave hasn’t gone hard enough, doesn’t it?

JONTY: Well I think so!

TYLER: Dave, Nar Nar Goon playing in a grand final, that’s just ‘let’s open up the tub of vanilla ice cream’, that’s lame… give us something!

DAVE: Nah! I am sticking with Nar Nar Goon.

On Saturday I saw a high-quality game of footy between the top-two contenders, so I think it’s still a massive call to say Nar Nar Goon will play in the grand final.

I just have this feeling that when the sun comes out that big Dermott Yawney at full-forward; he’ll be unstoppable if their midfield gets a hold of the footy.

I think the Goon could cause some major damage in the finals… but Saturday’s game was a classic… it was the first time in three years I watched a game of footy and thought ‘this is what it’s all about’.

There was a massive crowd at Phillip Island, bloke kicks the sealer right in front of the members at the 23-minute mark of the last quarter… crowd goes up, arms of the goal-kicker go up, it was just great to be there!

It was what footy is all about… but I am sticking to the Goon!

TYLER: You’re right Dave; it is good to be back at the footy.

Now before the season I warned you and Lachie that you need know your car’s limitations when it comes to getting bogged…

There were a lot of bog warnings for me on Saturday… now he didn’t get bogged Dave, but Jonty over here had an incident with his car on Saturday…

Jonty, talk us through it?

JONTY: Yeah so… Saturday afternoon I decided I would drop into Casey Fields for the first quarter of the VFL, because it’s just around the corner from Livingston Reserve.

As I went to leave to watch Cranbourne I tried to unlock my car, my blue Mazda 3, and it wasn’t unlocking, which isn’t atypical of late, my central locking button isn’t working well at the moment.

So I put my key in the door and it wasn’t jiggling… I couldn’t understand why, keys shouldn’t not jiggle!

I was there for five to 10 minutes not understanding, thinking I was going to have to walk to Livingston Reserve, which is only 2km away.

TYLER: Hang on… so you got to the point of checking maps to see how far the walk was?

JONTY: Yeah, yeah I did…

I was getting frustrated, then I sort of looked up and saw this flashing out of the corner of my eye because I was still pressing the button.

And then I realised it was the exact same car that was parked next to mine… I then looked at the number plate it had this Melbourne thing on it, so it made me think ‘could it have been a Casey player or official’.

DAVE: So if there’s a Casey player that has trouble with his door lock this week, he knows where to come?


TYLER: I just had to throw Jonty under the bus there before we get into topic number two.

It’s August, I know this topic will be right up our alley… this paper comes out on the third of August, so I don’t need any further excuse…


Jonty, it comes out on the third, so give me the best number threes in international sport and local sport.

JONTY: I will go one of each; international there is obviously a few!

You could say Leigh Mathews, but I will go with Michael Voss, he’s a Brownlow Medallist, captained his side to three flags and b and f in a couple of those years… that gets him over the line for me.

In local sport, former Narre Warren player Brad Scalzo wore number three for a little while, pulled out a few fashion statements on field too.

He wore the long socks all the way up and wore the long sleeves for a while too.

What about you, Dave?

DAVE: You mentioned Leigh Matthews and Michael Voss, they’re the two that instantly come to mind when it comes to AFL.

But it’s hard to go by a bloke that has title ‘Mr. Football’, Teddy Whitten, what he did for Footscray and Victoria, he was a superstar and probably the biggest character the game has ever seen.

JONTY: I thought I’d leave that one for you… you know, given your age!

TYLER: Yeah Dave, where were you when he did the famous lap of honour?

DAVE: Well Teddy Whitten’s lap of honour with Spud… if you didn’t have a tear in your eye watching that you weren’t a footy fan.

TYLER: We weren’t alive…

DAVE: Well I was well and truly alive boys!

Back to the number three’s, from a local point of view it has to be Beau Miller.

A Tooradin and Devon Meadows legend, who passed away a few years ago, he’s got a best and fairest award named after him at both clubs!

He won two league best and fairests and whenever you mention the name Beau Miller around these parts you hear the word ‘respect’… he’s a legend who everyone misses dearly.

Currently in West Gippsland footy: Zak Vernon down at Phillip Island, he played a huge part on Saturday when the footy was a bit slippery… he’d be my favourite number three in the league I am covering.

TYLER: Alright I have a few here, both local and international.

Jarrad McVeigh holds the most games as a number three with 325; just quietly he was great for my AFL Fantasy back in the day, BULK cheap kicks at half-back!

Dick Reynolds boys! He is one of four players to win three Brownlow’s, come on.

Allen Iverson and Dwyane Wade in the NBA, both wore number three.

Locally, Berwick made four grand finals in a row and didn’t have a number three!

It was Callum Rutherford who played in the twos… when you line up and your opponent is wearing three Dave, you know he belongs in the ones and you’re in for a big day!

DAVE: Cal was a good player too, at the time Narre and Berwick played in big games and Michael McGIll wore number three too when in the twos!

TYLER: Yep and just to finish off I have a cricket one, Tommy Donnell wears number three for Dandenong and he’s a star with 8954 runs.

There is another number three that did everything, that was Jimmy Bartel… which leads into my final topic.

JONTY: Before we move on… so this topic of number three’s, have you been sitting on this waiting for an edition released on the third? Because it seems three is a pretty successful number.

TYLER: I am not going to lie to you Jonty… absolutely I have!

I looked right ahead of the calendar, if you ever get an edition on the fourth or seventh, it’s another good number.

Anyway… Jimmy Bartel, a number three, I saw a social media post about Jimmy in long sleeves during the week and I thought: Death… Taxes… And Jimmy getting three votes in the wet!


So I want to know Dave… Death… Taxes… And another sporting certainty, go!

DAVE: Death… Taxes… And Geelong winging about getting home finals!

TYLER: Oh that’s brilliant!


DAVE: Every year!

Death…Taxes… And ‘oh we want a home final’, all that sort of stuff… suck it up and play the big games at the MCG.

That’s the ultimate; they start sooking at this time every year.

Another one: Death… Taxes… And – hopefully – Richmond finishing ninth.

I miss those days, I miss when they would always finish ninth, they’ve been successful as of late, but it would be great to see order restored.

My last one: Death… Taxes… And this being the best time of the year.

There’s a bit of sunshine creeping in, finals are building up and cricket players are back training, I just love this time of the year.

Over to you Jonty!

JONTY: Death… Taxes… And the media writing off teams too early.

It was something I thought about on the weekend, that if Cranbourne was an AFL side there would be so much media saying they can’t win the premiership, when they can, we just write teams off too early.

TYLER: Death… Taxes… And Emma McKeon being the GOAT of Australian swimming.

She could even be the GOAT female athlete ever! She will probably win more gold before this comes out, but at time of recording she has just taken out the record for most Commonwealth Games gold for Australia and she already has the Olympic record.

DAVE: Does she need a new publicist? Because all we hear about is Ariarne Titmus, I feel like she is painted as the golden girl of swimming at the moment.

TYLER: I think it’s because she’s unassuming, she’s not un-Australian, but maybe she’s less extroverted than Kaylee McKeown swearing on TV or Dean Boxell going nuts for Titmus? She just gets the job done, she’s a bit of an underdog, but is THE top dog!

Well gents, I think that’s it for Let’s Talk Sport… thanks for coming!