Tyler’s Top 10: Monopolising Morro

Ryan Morrison caps of the final individual editions of Tyler's Top 10. 292426 Picture: TYLER LEWIS

In the final edition of Tyler’s Top 10 that takes a look at the best performances of some individuals this year… we take a look at the best defender of the south east, Noble Park’s Ryan Morrison.

While resemblances of Steven May have recently surfaced, Morrison is more like a school bully.

He will not only steal your lunch, but will make you watch him eat it – regularly beating forwards defensively, before winning his own kicks!

So here are the biggest baths Morro has dished out this season…

10. Round 12 vs Park Orchards – Kane Keppel (16 disposals, 1.1): Far from his best, but hardly a loss… that’s why it creeps in at 10!

9. Round 2 vs Berwick – Harrison Money (11 disposals, 2.4): A smaller opponent for Morrison, who receives 90 per cent of Berwick’s inside 50s, six shots on goal, but all toughies.

8. Round 1 vs Rowville – Lachie Wynd (eight disposals, 2.2): This is where it starts to get nasty. Not his biggest bath, but given he took six intercept marks and collected 25 touches, he was a worthy best afield winner.

7. Round 4 vs Norwood – Dylan Atkins (eight disposals, 1.1): This performance was so damming, Atkins played as a back the next time the sides met. The left-footer taught Atkins a lesson, before grabbing 26 disposals, eight marks and eight rebound 50s.

6. Round 13 vs Norwood – Rhett Jordan (10 disposals, 0.1): One of the many goalless performances at the hands of Morrison this season, but with 10 disposals, Jordan has escaped the top five.

5. Round 6 vs Blackburn – Ryan Bathie (six disposals, 2.1): It has to be said… I guess you could say, Morro gave the Burners forward… a Bathie! A lazy 33 disposals the other way in a clinical day.

4. Round 7 vs Doncaster – Todd Van der Haar (14 disposals, 0.1) and James Munks (eight disposals, 0.1): The numbers spell an obviously big day for Morrison here. Two opponents, neither of whom kicked goals, while he collected 28 disposals himself. Colossal output, but not enough to crack into the top three…

3. Round 5 vs Doncaster East – Sam Rowe (five disposals, 1.0): Strong afternoon in a loss. The Lions had 52 inside 50s but it resulted in just one goal for Rowe, while Morrison had his hands on the Sherrin 24 times.

2. Round 8 vs Balwyn – Jordan Lisle (nine disposals, 1.2): These nine disposals and goal were generous, as a majority of them came from his stint in the ruck. Rodney Eade simply needed to get Lisle in the ruck to get him involved in the game. Morrison had a lazy 34 touches and 11 rebound 50s going the other way… ouch.

1. Round 3 vs Vermont – Andrew Ainger (one disposal, 1.0): There was almost a need for a violence disclaimer on this. Ainger got his one touch of the Sherrin from a dubious free kick in the last five minutes of the game and wow did Morro let him know about it on the mark!