Offspring offers fresh insights

The Proudmans are back in Offspring's third season. 99650_01

Channel 10 Wednesdays 8.30pm

NEUROTIC Nina Proudman is back – and this year she’s pregnant.
Channel 10’s award winning series Offspring is back on prime time and causing a stir, with Nina back for a third season of more drama and plenty of laughs and cringe-worthy moments.
The first episode aired on Wednesday night and social media was aflutter with the return of the much-loved series.
It was good to see Nina again, and her fabulously dysfunctional family.
In this opening episode, we meet Nina’s new understudy at the hospital who seems to have some sort of connection or knowledge of Nina’s partner Patrick Reid.
There seems to be a storm brewing with the young, attractive registrar fleeing when she spots Patrick in the street with her boss Nina.
And of course there’s Billie’s pregnancy woes, as she watches her younger sister move into the second trimester, she struggles with the knowledge that she may have to settle for being ‘aunty’ rather than having a baby of her own.
But in true Proudman form, the sisters make up by the end of the episode and all seems well on that front. For now.
The best part about Offspring is the fact that there’s plenty of suspense, drama and anticipation, but it’s not ridiculous.
There’s something likeable and real about Nina – she’s perfectly imperfect, intelligent but ditzy and flighty. It’s the show that relates to the ‘every woman’ and more than that, it’s probably a little bit of an indulgent watch to get you through the working week.
There were definitely some tantalising starters, including the relationship between Patrick and the registrar, as well as what’s next for Billie and the rest of the Proudmans.
After episode one, I’m already shamelessly hooked once again.
– Danielle Galvin

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