Scary movie indeed


IF YOU’RE looking for a way to entertain the kids these school holidays, don’t pass up the chance to visit the cinemas for a session of Monsters Inc University.
If you enjoyed the first offering you won’t be disappointed by the sequel, which explores these ‘scary’ monsters’ lives at an older age.
The movie is once again centred on the lives of two main characters, Mike and Sullivan, and follows them in their quest to make it as big-time scarers.
The movie begins in the earlier days of the monsters’ lives when they are on an excursion to Monsters Inc – a scary company which interacts with the human world.
After the field trip, Mike decides he wants to be a scarer when he grows up, and the movie fast forwards about seven years to the monster’s first day of university.
One-foot tall Mike is confident he will make a better scarer than any of his peers, and uses his time at university to do nothing other than study.
But a huge mistake made by Mike and Sullivan costs the pair a once in a lifetime opportunity, and they spend the next few months of their university life proving why they are just as good as anyone else.
With the right amount of humour, the movie remains entertaining for an audience of any age, and it managed to keep this reviewer hooked for the entire film.
Although the ending is a little cliched, for the most part it is an unpredictable type of children’s film which must not be missed.
– Bridget Scott

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