No flop… but no rush!


The Wolverine
Starring: Hugh Jackman

MIXED reviews surround this film, with critics seeming to either love it or hate it.
True to form, I am at odds with the critics once again in deeming it “okay.” Not a flop but I wouldn’t encourage X-Men fans to rush out and see it.
The plot picks up with Logan (Jackman) wandering the forest, sleeping on cliff edges and starting the odd bar fight.
Soon, he is met by Yukio who brings the reluctant Wolverine back to Tokyo to ‘say goodbye’ to Yashida – the most powerful man in Tokyo who was once saved by The Wolverine in Nagasaki. But of course, Yashida didn’t just want to say goodbye, he wanted to take Logan’s immortality for himself.
After a flat refusal, Yashida dies, but not before asking Logan to protect his granddaughter, Mariko, who is set to inherit Yashida’s fortune.
As the tale continues, Logan must learn to let go of the past and realise his purpose as a soldier in order to keep his promise.
The strongest element of this film was by far the character of the Wolverine, supported by Hugh Jackman’s superb acting. At 45, the former Sydney boy still rocks his enormous Wolverine arms, complete with veins that allow the viewer to literally see the blood pumping as he casually lifts unsuspecting ninjas over his head.
Look out for a particularly interesting fight scene on the top of a Bullet Train.
– Krystel Manuel