Mayor blasts ‘microscope move’

By Bridget Brady
CASEY mayor Lorraine Wreford says an attempt to force her to keep a diary of her mayoral and state campaign duties is a personal attack.
But River Gum Ward councillor Lynette Keleher said her notice of motion about Cr Wreford last Tuesday night was for the purposes of transparency and accountability and not a personal dig at the mayor.
Cr Keleher said residents had called her and expressed their concern about how Cr Wreford would manage her mayoral duties while campaigning for the state election.
Cr Wreford was recently endorsed as the Liberal candidate for the state seat of Mordialloc for November’s election.
“I was a federal candidate in 2007 and I do know it’s a lot of work,” Cr Keleher said.
Cr Wreford said her focus remained with the residents of the Casey community and she would not neglect her mayoral duties.
“It is a personal attack on me and my credibility, however I stand on my reputation,” she said.
The issue of Cr Wreford using the mayoral car for her election campaign was also raised.
River Gum Ward councillor Wayne Smith said he used the council car for personal reasons when he was mayor.
“That’s just part of life – you have it for full use,” he said.
Mayfield Ward councillor Amanda Stapledon said she was ‘at a loss’ about Cr Keleher’s notice of motion.
She said what one did in their spare time was their own business.
Also on the campaign trail is Edrington Ward councillor Daniel Mulino, who is one of three ALP members vying for pre-selection in Kilsyth.
Cr Mulino said last week that his campaigning would not impact on his role as a councillor.
“I have started campaigning. It mainly involves handing out material explaining the process and my candidacy on the weekends, either at shopping centres or through doorknocking,” he said.
“If I become a candidate for the ALP at the state election, then it would have an impact. I have stated that I would resign if I became a candidate for this reason. I also believe that I should resign if I became the candidate as it would create a conflict of interest.”
City of Casey Director Corporate Services Steve Dalton said the Notice of Motion would be listed for the next ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, 6 April.