More life-savers for Pakenham

Laurence Van Haaster, Mick Carroll, Peter Cochrane, Aimee Goldfinch and Jo Algie. The ambulance crew are thrilled about the recent changes. 97405 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS


PAKENHAM and surrounds will be better serviced by some important life-savers.
Mick Carroll is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedic and the acting team manager for the Pakenham and Beaconsfield ambulance service.
Mr Carroll said in the last five to six years, the 24-hour Pakenham car had been in operation as well as a 9am to 9pm car run by officers. Earlier this month, the second car has become a 24-hour resource.
“That means that Pakenham and surrounds will have that additional benefit, so for the community that means greater coverage to service the district,” Mr Carroll said.
“It also means greater clinical care.”
Mr Carroll said it was great that the promise by the State Government to better service the area had come to fruition.
“In this expanding south eastern corridor it is imperative that more resources are put into the area, and we are just very grateful that it has happened,” he said.
“We hope that more resources continue to come out this way.”

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