Not in TV’s big league


A League of Their Own
Channel 10
7.30pm Monday

A LEAGUE of Their Own starts with promise, but falls apart due to unfunny jokes and a lack of chemistry between the main stars.
The premise is simple; a comedic game show based on sport, with new ‘celebrities’ each week that constitute the red team and the blue team. Team captains, Eamon Sullivan and Pat Cash are regulars, as well as host, Tommy Little.
Episode three saw sports personalities Wendell Sailor and Michael O’Loughlin and comedians Lehmo and Veronica Milsom, join the cast but not even these ‘stars’ could save the show.
The jokes are clearly well rehearsed, the comedians try too hard and sports people are just not that funny. Tommy Little lacks the charisma of other game show hosts such as Adam Hills and Shaun Micallef, but perhaps the show is too new to be so critical.
There are some positives and potential for the show, the anecdotal facts used as questions are generally interesting, and should they reduce the time each team has to discuss and decide the answers, the format would be revived somewhat.
Warrick Capper made a guest star appearance, as a ‘model’ the teams had to draw, the only issue was he was just in leopard print trunks. The endless references and jokes made about his plastic surgery was probably the funniest part of the show, and he was a good sport, taking it in his stride and joining in.
I went in with low expectations and A League of Their Own did not exceed them. Really big sports fans might find this amusing, but the sports content is minimal and production efforts have gone into securing the panel, and not the ingenuity of the games they play.

– Rebecca Torsello

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