Quarry quandary


FEDERAL Member for McMillan Russell Broadbent would support concerned North Bunyip residents living near a proposed quarry in the area, if asked.
Mr Broadbent said he sympathised with residents whose properties backed onto the land taken over by building materials manufacturer Hanson but added the fact remained “we need quarry products”.
Mr Broadbent said he protested against a quarry opening up near his home in Pakenham Upper.
“I opposed the one up Gembrook Road because that’s where I lived, my liveability changed because I’ve got a stack of trucks going by,” he said.
“Yes, I have some sympathy for them (the residents) as I had sympathy for myself.
“The local residents didn’t want it.
“I wrote a letter and opposed the quarry.”
Residents have received little information since a 2008 report commissioned by Hanson which promised a development plan and further community consultation.
While Mr Broadbent said quarries were a necessity, he said he would support North Bunyip residents if prompted.
“The fact is we need quarry products. And we need competition between quarries,” he said.
“You don’t have roads without quarry products.
“(But) if you come to me with representations over whatever issue, I will raise that issue on their behalf with the relevant authority, that’s my role.
“I don’t think I’ve had any representations to support them.
“As a Federal Member, I’m very clear on my role. The Federal Government plays no role whatsoever.
“I’m very careful how I use that voice.”
A spokesperson for Hanson said it continued to work on its mining application.
“Hanson confirmed today that it continues to progress the Garfield application and is working closely with the community to help provide resources for future development and local employment opportunities,” he said.