Police pursuit ends in foot chase

By Aneeka Simonis

FOUR youths in a stolen car jumped out of a moving vehicle and attempted to flee police on foot following reports of suspicious activity in a Pakenham street over the weekend.
The Dog Squad were called in, chasing down all four offenders aged 16 -17 from Pakenham and Carrum Downs who have since been released, pending summons.
About 11.50pm on Saturday 20 August, police received a report of a suspicious car loitering in Simon Drive, Pakenham.
When police arrived, the car took off – travelling through residential streets before the youths jumped out of the moving car and began to run in Melissa Way, Pakenham.
Police said the car travelled uncontrolled for a distance, crashing into a sign on the side of the road.
The youths attempted to flee, but were eventually apprehended by police.
Three Pakenham boys and one Carrum Downs boy were questioned and released, pending summons.
Police confirmed the car they were travelling in was stolen, but did not know where it had been stolen from.
Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road in the narrow residential streets.
“We almost got cleaned up by a police chase that was on the wrong side of the road,” a person reported.
Another person said: “It was scary having a car flying towards you, then a police car to follow; we had to swerve to miss them both.”
The police incident report did not indicate whether the stolen car or intercepting police vehicle were on the wrong side of the road at any time throughout the incident.