Gumbuya restores the ‘Old Wagon Ride’

Gumbuya World employee and tractor driver Tony Hower with children Kitty and Daisy Weinzierl. A famous and iconic ride from the 80s has been re-introduced at Gumbuya World. 192713_19.

By Jessica Anstice

Gumbuya World has officially re-launched the Old Wagon Ride from the original Gumbuya Park, allowing families to enjoy the famous and iconic ride from the 80s.

The much-loved Old Wagon Ride, now called the Gumbuya Nature Trail, takes visitors through the back of the park, where families will be able to create fun memories and experience nostalgia.

A number of the old Gumbuya Park attractions are highlighted during the 15-minute ride, including the iconic toboggan ride and paddle boats.

The old and new routes are virtually identical.

The old trip would start close to the rides, before heading out to the back bush paddocks and weaving its way between the dams and grasslands.

Along the way, visitors will hopefully see some kangaroos, lizards, birds and possibly catch a glimpse of an echidna, turtle or a possum or two.

“The Old Wagon Ride was an iconic feature and a tourist favourite of the old Gumbuya Park,” Gumbuya World Business Director, Ron Weinzierl said.

“Many Victorians, including myself, have had fond memories of the ride so we wanted to bring it back as the Gumbuya Nature Trail for families and future generations to enjoy.

“After we finish setting all of the scenery up along the track it will become quite the attraction that everyone will want to go on.”

Original Gumbuya tractor driver Tony Hower is set to return to the wheel as of Thursday 18 April.

The Gumbuya employee of almost 28 years said, “It is good to have the tractor back in operation”.

“The last trip we made was about two years ago when it was still Gumbuya Park. The tractor has been parked down the back in storage since.

“It’s just the enjoyment of reminiscing old times that I love.”

Gumbuya World is located at 2705 Princes Highway, Tynong, 3813 Victoria. For more

information visit

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