Bushfire victim becomes target for dumpers

The rubbish was dumped on Saturday 15 June.

By Mitchell Clarke

A Garfield North woman, who was affected by bushfires in March, has been dealt a cruel blow after a man is believed to have dumped a large amount of rubbish on her property.

Still coming to terms with the damage caused from the fire almost four-months on, Ally is still in the process of removing the debris from two sheds which went up in flames while also rebuilding seven kilometres of fencing.

The last thing she needed to add to the to-do list was having to clean up someone else’s mess.

It’s alleged that a man driving a white Toyota Dyna tip truck dumped a large pile of rubbish on the premises on Saturday 15 June between 10am and 1pm.

“I spent half of Sunday sorting through that rubbish,” Ally said.

“We’re still fencing the property, this happened in March and we’re still working on cleaning it up.”

Among the mess left for her to clean up included garden rubbish, broken plastic kid toys, broken tiles, products used from renovations and bags of clothing.

Ally had hoped that the rubbish left might provide traces of where it came from, but unfortunately she couldn’t find any leads as to who would target her property.

“I spoke with my neighbour who said people had dumped on his property years ago,” she said.

“I really don’t know, it did look quite suspicious that they came to a dead end road.”

As to her message for the dumper, “keep it in your own backyard or take it to the tip like everyone else does”.

She’s urging anyone with dash cam footage which might have captured the vehicle in question on Garfield North Road on Saturday 15 June to get in touch with Bunyip Police Station.


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