Car rolls into bedroom


By Mitchell Clarke

A Pakenham resident is thanking his lucky stars that he’s an early riser after a vehicle rolled down an adjacent court and into his house, careering into the front bedroom.

Police were on scene at the Balmorral Way property in Pakenham on Wednesday 17 July about 9am and said it’s believed the owner of the vehicle may have left the handbrake down, with the car remaining in a neutral gear.

The property received structural damage, with police officers saying the residents were “very lucky”.

The owners of the Holden made every effort to chase the vehicle down the hill with the whole incident being described as a “complete accident”.

Resident Alf said his wife was in the bedroom at the time but luckily saw the vehicle coming and managed to fled.”We were just minding our business at the time,” Alf said.

“Luckily, my wife is up by 6.30 and I’m out by 7am.

“I just don’t understand how it missed the tree in front of the house, instead managing to swerve into the room.”

Neighbours have described the sound as an “explosion” with the the impact feeling like an earthquake.

Representatives from Cardinia Shire Council were expected to survey the structural damage and test the stability before removing the vehicle from the property.

The real estate agent is expected to find Alf and his wife temporary accommodation.

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