Duck yeah, duck saved

Adrian Rowe performing the rescue in drain. Pictures: SES PAKENHAM UNIT.

By Mitchell Clarke

Away from fallen trees and floodwaters, the legendary team who make up the SES Pakenham Unit go above and beyond to ensure they attend to all calls for help – even if that call is a quack.

Just before 10.30am on Saturday 7 September, the team waddled on over to reports of a duckling which had been separated from its family, becoming stuck in a drain on the Princes Highway, at the driveway of the BP service station.

Thankfully, the duckling chose the best possible place for a swim, right outside of the SES Unit, meaning their prompt response went swimmingly.

We’re very happy to report the duckling avoided a wash out, being reunited with his awaiting family nearby. The SES have since confirmed they won’t be sending them a ‘bill’ for the rescue. 

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