Crunching through a crisis


By Narelle Coulter

The fitness industry is looking in better shape than ever despite the Covid-19 crisis according to leading Berwick trainer Locky Burke.

Locky had to shut the doors of his Personal Performance Training Centre in Intrepid Drive, Berwick, on government orders in March.

However, since taking the business online, Locky is now training more clients than ever.

“We have more members since we shut then when we were open. We are booming which is fantastic.”

Each weekday day Locky hosts an 8.30am live training session via Facebook. Throughout the day close to 100 clients log on and work out under his direction.

Locky and his staff had worked hard on PPTC’s social media presence leading up to the lock down, amassing 13,000 followers on Facebook and over 4000 on Instagram.

“Because we had experience in the online space it was an easy transition,” he explained.

As an experienced trainer, Locky guides his clients through each online class, demonstrating each set himself and offering encouragement and tips.

“The live sessions are saved and available throughout the day so people can do it in any point in their day. Apart from mental health benefits, regular exercise gives people structure in their day, gives them something to look forward to and makes them feel good.

“The engagement has been fantastic. We get a lot of people commenting each day. It is important we keep everyone together and connected.”

Online sessions have allowed Locky and his staff to reach new clients interstate.

He is also using this time to advance an “exciting” behind the scenes project which will offer new opportunities post Covid-19 to trainers and members.

“The trainers at PPTC are all positive and doing well. I just hope my clients stay positive, stay fit and stay sane,” he said.

“In this difficult time my goal is to give back to the Berwick community which has given me so much over the years. This is a most challenging time but it is an exciting time too.

“We welcome anyone to join with open arms.”

To connect with Locky phone him on 0408 311 322. Follow PPTC on Facebook and Instagram.

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