Just swanning by

This little swan is all tired out after a long day. Pics: SUPPLIED, REG CASEY

It’s safe to say that most kids love piggy-back rides from their parents – and it seems this doesn’t apply to just human kids!

The incredibly cute cygnets that have been wandering around town recently are growing up very quickly, but it seems even they want their parents to carry them home sometimes.

Local photographer Reg Casey snapped these stunning shots of the baby swans hitching a ride at Pakenham’s Lakeside lake on the evening of Wednesday 15 September – clearly all tuckered out after a hard day of playing in the water!

Reg has been showcasing his skills around town this lockdown, putting his Canon 90d camera (with a 600mm lens) to good use and delighting locals with his talents (as he often shares his work online for others to enjoy).

These pictures certainly brought a smile to our faces – so thanks for sharing Reg!