Teen airlifted after rail yard break

An air ambulance flew a teenage boy to hospital after an incidentoccurred near the Pakenham railway line on Thursday afternoon. 137393_05

A teenage boy was airlifted to hospital on Thursday afternoon, after falling and injuring himself on restricted transit property near the Pakenham rail line.

An Ambulance Victoria spokesperson confirmed that paramedics were first called to the incident, near the intersection of the train line and McGregor Road in Pakenham, at about 2.45pm on Thursday 23 September.

“A teenage male was assessed at the scene for a leg injury and was later flown by air ambulance to the Royal Children’s Hospital in a stable condition,” the spokesperson said.

Police officers also attended the scene, as the incident had occurred on restricted land.

Senior Sergeant Amanda Douglas said that the boy, a Pakenham resident believed to be in his mid-teens, was “illegally on transit property” when the incident happened and was found with “graffiti implements” in his possession.

“He was illegally on transit property and as a result of his climbing around, he got a minor electrical shock and fell,” Snr Srgt Douglas said.

“He sustained a broken leg and some burns to his hands, and was airlifted in to the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

Snr Srgt Douglas said that while the boy had been found with the “graffiti implements” on his person, he had not actually committed any offence other than trespassing.

“There will be no criminal investigation in relation to it [the graffiti implements], but he certainly was in a restricted area,” she said.

“There may be follow up in relation to him being on site illegally, but at this point, there is no further follow up.”

Local residents who witnessed the air ambulance operation took to social media to share their well wishes for all involved, as well as praise for the pilot, who landed the chopper in a “tight spot”.

“That’s some fine flying by the hems pilots as it was a tight spot… hope everyone involved in the incident will be OK,” local resident Reg Casey said in a post on a local noticeboard.

The boy remains in a stable condition at the Royal Children’s Hospital.