Discovery Centre aids students’ digital skills

Tyson, Sneha and Amelie. 228312_09

St Patrick’s School Pakenham, is fortunate to have an excellent Discovery Centre that houses one to one Chrome Books and iPads for each student which amplifies student skills in navigating essential technologies and applications.

The Discovery Centre provides opportunities for students to use programmable robots to practice their Coding Skills using Dash, Sphero and Bee Bot Robots. Students have multiple opportunities to experiment with the Coding Language required for each Robot and design pathways for the robots to follow.

Students have been creating Stop Motion Animations – Google Slides, Claymation, Flip Books and using Green Screens.

The themes for the Stop Motions are drawn from Inquiry units making cross-Curricula links. Students are developing their capacity in problem solving, and trial and error while practising their ICT skills and media arts creativity.

The students’ growth in technological know-how and use of Google Suite has allowed a higher level of engagement and learning during our Remote Learning periods.

Students log in to Google Meets with their teachers daily and access their work via the Stream and Classwork pages. St Patrick’s has been able to provide laptops to families who don’t have them at home, promoting further engagement in learning for all students and a smoother transition from school to learning at home.