Looking back through the files…

Looking back 10 years to 2011: Jim Nibbs, sitting in his beloved EH Holden, looking forward to celebrating his 90th birthday as oldest man in Nar Nar Goon with the oldest house and oldest car, with grandson Darren, great grandson Kade and son Dale.

30 years to 1991

Four local students undertaking tertiary courses received substantial donations towards their study expenses when they were awarded the inaugural PB Ronald Memorial Trust scholarships. The students – Tim Ahern, Alison Cant, Sophie Fullager and Leanne Gilliies – were each presented with cheques for $1250 at the inaugural trust dinner at the Pakenham Racing Club dining room. The money was made available through a trust fund following the death of community stalwart Peter Bruce Ronald in 1989. The cheques were presented by his widow Heather Ronald. Mr Ronald was one of Pakenham’s most outstanding citizens, giving exceptional service to the community during his 68 year life. His sudden death shocked the people of Pakenham district and in order to honour his memory a fund was set up. Donations poured in from around the district and a trust set up comprising Charles Huyskens (chairman), Tim Ahern (secretary), David Bourke, Gavan Bourke, Don Duffy and Neil Preston. The awards were to be given to encourage people under 25 to further their education in the fields of agriculture, horticulture of local government – which were all dear to Mr Ronald’s heart.

20 years to 2001

The City of Casey was looking to celebrate the municipalities top young citizens. Mayor Mick Morland said council was planning a function to recognize the city’s former Young Citizens of the Year. Past winners since 1981 included: The City of Casey – 2001 Kyra Deddon, 2000 Daniel Willingham, 1999 Raymond Prime and Lisa McIntosh, 1998 Danie Maltar, 1997 no award, 1996 Laura Di Pietro. The City of Berwick and Shire of Cranbourne – 1995 Dale Ireland and Andrew Allan, 1994 Jackie Shottle and Robyn Stonehouse, 1993 Brian Johnston and Jason Fisher, 1992 no award, 1991 Jodie Keyzer, 1991 Leanne Maas, 1990 Mardie Lee Smyth and Gulli Lorenzin, 1989 Dominic Acaro, 1988 Amanda Watkinson and Joanne McMillan, 1987 Angela Duker and Kim Cavanagh, 1986 Jann Clarke, 1985 Kevin Barrie and Neil Bumpstead, 1984 Kerry Hill and Glenn Coster, 1983 Lisa Leskis and Brian Batchelor, 1982 Brother Vincent Reiner, 1981 Julie Smith.

10 years to 2011

Well known Nar Nar Goon identity Jim Nibbs celebrated his 90th birthday as, according to his family, the oldest man, with the oldest house and the oldest car in his home town of more than 50 years. Jim and his wife Dorothy, who passed away in 1992, moved from Tasmania to Nar Nar Goon North in 1948 in search of a change and on the promise of a house and a job. After eight years and the birth of their first two children, Dale and Wendy, the young family moved into 24 Main Street, where Jim has lived ever since. “A Norwegian seaman built it, supposedly in 1920,” Jim said. “She is due to come down. I don’t know how long she will last.” One thing that is still running quite nicely is the 1964 EH Holden Jim bought 36 years ago for 800 pounds. Jim says it has done 500,000 kilometres and, despite being once offered $12,000 for it, he is determined it will go to his grandson when he stops driving. Jim has a passion for sport and scored the first century on the current Nar Nar Goon cricket ground in 1958 playing for the Goon against Lang Lang in a final.