Bullocks, restockers feature at Pakenham VLE


There were about 900 export and 135 young cattle penned representing a similar overall number week-on-week.

The usual buying group was present but not all processors were operating in a mixed market.

Quality improved with a better selection of bullocks and fewer young cattle.

The young cattle improved on most sales with many selling to restocker or feeder orders and fewer suited to the trade.

A sprinkling of grown steers sold firm while bullocks improved 5c to 15c/kg.

Manufacturing steers sold firm.

Cows sold from firm to 7c/kg easier while heavy bulls held firm.

Vealers to processors sold from 520c to 574c with restocking lots up to 658c/kg.

A handful of yearling heifers to the trade made between 462c and 540c/kg.

Grown steers sold between 455c and 510c/kg.

Bullocks made from 438c to 472c/kg.

Heavy crossbred manufacturing steers made from 410c to 468c/kg.

Most light and medium weight cows sold from 268c to 355c/kg.

Heavy weight cows made mostly between 320c and 395c/kg.

Heavy bulls sold between 346c and 405c/kg.