Brigade accident sees fire truck roll

Nar Nar Goon Brigade was involved in an accident on Tuesday morning. Picture: ON FILE

Nar Nar Goon Fire Brigade has lost a truck after an unfortunate accident on the way to an incident saw their truck roll and two firefighters transported to hospital.

During the morning of Tuesday 11 June, the brigade responded to a tree that had come to rest on power lines at approximately 6.14am.

On the way travelling along Bunyip River Road amid poor weather conditions and visibility, a responding truck was involved in an accident.

According to the brigade, the occupants of the truck failed to see a particular tree shortly before the incident site which was hanging low enough to strike the truck.

A branch of the tree got wedged between the cabin and the tanker which snagged the moving truck and made it lose control where it rolled ’one and a half times’.

Ambulance Victoria were called and assessed two CFA members on the scene and transported them to hospital with non-serious injuries.

The truck was the brigade’s large pumper tanker. Captain Justin Seddon said ’I don’t think we will see it again’.

“It’s not good news to hear, it was just a really unfortunate accident.“

A CFA spokesperson said they wished the members a quick recovery as an investigation will commence.

“We will continue to support our members and wish them a quick recovery,“ they said.

“Thank you to our local CFA crews and emergency service partners for assisting our members on scene.

“As per standard procedure, CFA is undertaking an investigation into the incident while focusing on the wellbeing of the members involved.“